Teacher Resources for BJU Press Textbooks

Looking for free teaching resources for BJU Press textbooks? We offer a library of teacher resources that support our high school, middle school, and elementary school textbooks and teacher editions. Our lesson plan overviews help you plan out your year, and our scope and sequence will help you get a broader look at our program and skill development across grade levels and disciplines.

Teaching Support from Lesson Plan Overviews

Lesson plan overviews are a teacher resources that provides an overview of all the lessons for the course. They can be a valuable planning tool as you scope out your year and for keeping track of where you’re going. Digital versions are available on our website and on Teacher Tools Online, and lesson plan overviews are included in printed form in the front matter of your teacher editions.
Each lesson plan overview states

  • The lesson numbers
  • The corresponding teacher edition page numbers for that lesson
  • The student edition pages
  • The lesson objectives for that day

Overview Material with Our Scope and Sequence

Our scope and sequence offers a convenient overview of the educational material, skills, objectives, and concepts covered in each academic discipline at every grade level. This document offers a broader look at each program than the lesson plan overviews so you can see how concepts and skill development works from grade to grade and from discipline to discipline.

Free Resources on Teacher Tools Online

TTO is a library of teaching resources that help teachers improve and expand their classroom learning experiences. Many of these resources are proprietary and require a one-time license purchase to access. Available for free on Teacher Tools Online are

  • Curated selections of web links teachers may use to enhance learning or engage students
  • Lesson plan overviews for easy planning
  • Curriculum Maps to be plugged directly into your school’s curriculum map
  • Professional development opportunities

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