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New to Our Scoring Service?

Read the information below for help in placing your scoring order.

Any test documents or scoreable booklets we receive must be compatible with our scoring procedures. Please follow the guidelines below to make sure that your tests are able to be processed. If you have questions about your tests' compatibility, please contact our office before testing.

Iowa Assessments

We can score the Iowa Assessments™ Form E and CogAT® Form 7. Check the test booklet or document for a booklet/document number beginning with 148, 163 or 169. The number is found in the bottom right corner (under the Test Administrator Use Only box). If your document number does not begin with 148, 163, or 169, we may be unable to score it.

Stanford Tests

The publisher can only score Form A tests. Any SESAT 1–Primary 3 test must be in a 1-part booklet format.

If using teachers' directions for 2-part booklets (i.e., labeled “Local Scan” on the front), please view our page-number conversion chart by using the list below.

While we cannot score the Stanford Form C answer documents, schools may use Form C student booklets and teachers' directions in most cases. Please call our office (800.845.5731) for clarification before ordering your tests.


Booklets must be Form 5 and have black dots next to the timing marks on the edge of pages.

All score reports and our free interpretation guide are available as PDF documents.

Scoring for the Iowa Assessments™ Form E

Additional reports are available. (Fees may apply.) Please contact us for available options.

Physical tests and data files are stored at BJU Press for six months following scoring. If you have questions regarding the accuracy of individual or group reports, please contact our office within this time period.

Essential Paperwork

Riverside™ Grade/Class Identification Sheet for Scoring Iowa Assessments

Riverside™ Building Identification Sheet for Scoring Iowa Assessments

Reports Included (PDF)

Individual Performance Profile

Common Core Profile (optional, Grades 3–12)*

Profile Narrative (Iowa Assessments)

Profile Narrative (Achievement/Abilities)

Profile Narrative (CogAT 7)

Class List of Student Scores

Group Performance Profile

*To avoid extra fees, please order the Common Core profile before tests are scored.

Scoring for Stanford 10

Essential Paperwork

Pearson Scoring Service Identification Sheet for Student Scoring

Reports Included (PDF)

Sample Stanford 10 Student Report

Sample Stanford Score Report with OLSAT

Sample OLSAT Student Report

Group Report with Clusters

Please note: BJU Press is not offering special reports (e.g., Records Labels, reports with excluded students, Aggregate Reports for scholarships) for the Stanford 10 at this time, nor does BJU Press store student tests.

Iowa Assessments/CogAT

Once you have administered your tests, you will need to order scoring for each student before you ship the tests to us.

Count the students for each grade and note whether they took Achievement Tests only, Abilities Tests only (CogAT®), or Combined Tests. Order scoring by entering those quantities online (see below) or by completing this order form (PDF).

Tip—You will most likely order only one scoring service per student even if each student has multiple booklets.


Scoring is now included with write-in student booklets (grade K5–3) and answer documents (Grades 4–12). If you still have answer documents purchased before this change, call 800.845.5731 about placing a Stanford scoring-only order, or email .

Two-part write-in booklets for achievement testing cannot be scored.

We will need the following Student Information for each individual tested:

  • Student name (last, first)
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Grade level
  • Grid Student ID (Stanford only)

Please see this Return for Scoring Checklist for details about how to organize tests, list excluded students (Iowa Assessments only), and ship tests to us for scoring.

If you’ve already submitted your Student Information, print Return Labels and Packing List (PDF).