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Introducing the BJU Press Testing Advantage


Private Schools

Before purchasing the Stanford 10, please see the test details on the Stanford 10 page.

When ordering tests for your school, you can choose to either purchase tests or buy the service package.


Keep your materials and reuse them next year—purchase only what you need to supplement your test inventory.

  • Yearly testing costs typically decrease after the first year.
  • Your order ships shortly after you place it.
  • Purchase materials by the piece (student booklets, directions, scoring, etc.). Note that scoring is now included with new answer documents/write-in booklets for Stanford 10 purchased through BJU Press.

Service Package

  • You will not need to worry about storing and reusing materials for the next year—you ship everything back.
  • Pay a flat rate for each student you are testing.
  • Cost includes everything you need to test (even scoring).
  • Your order ships 2–5 weeks ahead of test date.

Forms for Private Schools


Tests for Purchase (PDF)


Scoring (PDF)

Additional Information

Checklist & Guidelines (PDF)


Testing School User Agreement

Sample Tests and School Online Testing

Is your school considering the benefit of achievement testing? BJU Press Testing & Evaluation offers excellent options for schools wondering what their next steps should be.

Would you like to review test booklets before ordering to make sure you are choosing the best option? We offer samples so that you can see test and directions booklets before ordering one for each student. If you decide to keep the samples, you will just keep the books and pay the normal price for each book you keep, then order any additional books you need.

BJU Press also offers online testing with DataManager. After your school purchases DataManager once, you have access to order online testing every year. In addition to quicker access to tests, the online DataManager allows for:

  • Iowa Flex, an adaptive test that changes questions based on student performance
  • Survey, an abbreviated test for Reading, Language, and Math
  • Single-Subject Tests for Math, Reading, or Science
  • Logramos, a Spanish language test included in Academic Insights Bundles
  • Academic Insights Bundles, a one-time purchase for the entire year that allows multiple testing with Iowa Assessments, Flex, Survey, Single-Subject Tests, Logramos, and CogAT (offerings depend on bundles)

How do I order sample tests, DataManager, or online tests?

Please fill out the form below or call 800.845.5731.

How much is shipping for sample materials?

Shipping to you is free for these sample materials, unless special shipping is needed (e.g., international shipping). Return shipping is not included.

Which samples does BJU Press send?

Sample materials include one student book per grade and one directions book for each grade grouping.

How long may I keep the sample test materials?

These materials are available to you at no charge for 30 days, after which you will be billed the price of each item.

How can I get more information?

Please call 800.845.5731 and click Menu Option 3 for Testing. We will be happy to answer your questions.

How do I return sample tests?

If you decide not to purchase these products, simply return them to us. If they are returned before the 30-day trial period ends, you will not be charged and will need to pay only the return shipping.