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School Testing User Agreement


To test with BJU Press, you must agree to follow all requirements in this agreement fully. If you have any questions or feel that you have an exceptional situation for any requirement in the agreement, contact the BJU Press Testing office by calling 800.845.5731 or emailing before proceeding.


  • Orders placed less than 4 weeks before the test date may not arrive in time or may require rush processing fees.
  • This order will be held until after this User Agreement is signed, which may delay testing. If this User Agreement is not signed within 3 weeks after the order is placed, the order will be cancelled.

Service Package Tests

  • Return test materials within 21 days (US and Canada) of the test date on the order (international customers have 75 days to return the materials).
  • Materials ship 2–4 weeks before the test date on the order. Payment will be processed when materials ship and not at order placement.
  • The following may apply for items that are damaged, unreturned, or returned after the due date at the discretion of BJU Press:
    • Replacement fee(s)
    • Decreased refund (less than the normal 75%); where possible, refunds will be reduced, rather than adding fees.
    • Withholding of results; BJU Press may withhold results until issues are resolved.
    • BJU Press will bill for damaged or unreturned items. Billing may be waived if unreturned items are returned in good condition.

All test administrators must be approved though BJU Press. See the application on our Test Administrator Page.

Purchased Tests

  • Only the purchasing school may use test materials and must destroy these materials when they will no longer be used.
  • Keep unused or reusable materials for your inventory.
  • BJU Press will ship materials as soon as possible and will authorize payment at that time.
  • All test administrators must meet the test publisher's requirements. See requirements in our FAQs.

Iowa Assessments

  • Electronic test results are typically posted on the My Tests page of the ordering account within 10–20 business days of our receiving the completed tests. Print copies of test results are available upon request for an additional fee.
  • BJU Press keeps answer documents for six months after testing. For questions regarding the accuracy of test results, contact our office within this timeframe.
  • The Iowa Assessments™ are available to private schools with a K5–Grade 12 maximum enrollment of 2,999 students. Other exceptions are possible—please contact us with questions.

Stanford 10

  • BJU Press is no longer able to score Stanford/OLSAT tests in-house. All Stanford/OLSAT tests will be scored by the publisher’s scoring services. This means the following:
    • Results are expected to be ready 6–8 weeks after tests arrive at Testing & Evaluation. This timeline is not guaranteed, due to possible delays in shipping and the publisher’s scoring center.
    • BJU Press will not be able to expedite Stanford scoring services.
    • BJU Press will have no access to tests for review or rescoring after they have been shipped to the publisher’s scoring center.
  • Materials should arrive at BJU Press ready for the publisher’s scoring services to process. BJU Press is not responsible to make any corrections or adjustments to answer documents before sending to the publisher’s scoring center.
  • The testing coordinator is responsible to ensure answers are adequately darkened and that student information is filled in correctly. Fees may be applied if BJU Press finds information needs to be added or corrected.
  • Schools must enter student information before BJU Press will ship materials. In addition to student name, birth date, gender, and grade, schools need to grid each student’s student ID on his or her answer document before shipping tests to BJU Press for the publisher’s scoring.
  • Testing & Evaluation cannot exclude students from group reports with the Stanford 10 and cannot create special group reports, including state scholarship reporting.
  • The Stanford 10 is available to private schools of any size within the United States; overseas private schools are limited to a K5–Grade 12 maximum enrollment of 500 students. Other exceptions are possible—please contact us with questions.

Test Publisher Guidelines

  • All accommodations should be reported so BJU Press can accurately include this information on reports.
  • Due to contractual obligations, public school students cannot take these tests through BJU Press or gain access to them through any source other than their school.
  • Tests may be used only for private school students or homeschool students who are taking the test at your school.
  • It is unethical to use these tests as practice for any other test administration or to administer any other achievement/abilities test within 3 months to the same student.
  • Test content may not be reviewed before or after testing and may not be viewed by anyone besides staff, volunteer administrators or proctors, and students.
    • Students should not be taught according to the test content, nor may test content be discussed with any parent, student, or any other individual before, during, or after testing.
    • Testing items may be checked by the test administrator before testing only to ensure needed components are not missing and that materials are in good condition for testing. The test administrator is also encouraged to study the directions beforehand for proper administration.
    • The test should not be self-scored.
  • Copies of the test may not be made or distributed.
  • Tests that require scoring with Spring (end of school year) norms must be completed and postmarked for return by July 31. Any tests postmarked after that date will be scored with Fall norms.


  • The test coordinator/administrator will inform BJU Press staff of any violations of test security, allowing BJU Press to enforce disciplinary procedures.
  • I acknowledge that this electronic signature is legally binding.
  • I understand BJU Press Testing’s returns policy.
  • I agree to follow the above User Agreement and verify that all tests are for the students as designated on this Testing & Evaluation order.