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BJU Press Testing & Evaluation has been providing quality testing service since 1984. Why go anywhere else?

Knowledgeable Staff

For over 30 years, BJU Press Testing & Evaluation has provided our customers with experienced staff who are dedicated to serving homeschools and private schools by assisting them with a quality testing experience.

Extensive Selection

We offer a wide variety of testing materials, including achievement and abilities tests, test-prep, and more.

Fast Service

Test results in two weeks or less. (Allow additional time in May and June.)


Retirement of The Iowa Tests® Forms A and C

The publisher is retiring The Iowa Tests® Forms A and C in 2019. All orders should be placed no later than July 15, 2019, and returned to the BJU Press home office by August 15, 2019, for tests to be scored. The Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®) Form 6 will also be retired. We are happy to continue offering the newer option, Iowa Assessments™ Form E, as well as the CogAT® Form 7.

New Norms for the Stanford 10

Please note: BJU Press will begin using 2018 norms for the Stanford in Spring of 2019. This new comparison group has a much higher number of private school students. The new ratio, where private school students far outnumber public school students, makes it more difficult for a student to receive a high percentile rank.

Service Package: Please Renew Your Tester Status

If you plan to use the Service Package option, please have your test administrators renew their profiles by January 15, 2019, to remain active with BJU Press. For more information on renewing tester profiles, please see the “How to Update Your Profile” section of our Test Administrators page. Don’t forget to have all new testers apply and become approved before ordering tests.

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