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Reading Overview

Foundational Phonics

Phonics forms the groundwork for reading. The BJU Press reading program builds on the solid foundation of phonemic awareness and phonics introduction of K5 Beginnings, Phonics & English 1, and Reading 1. Students learn letter-sound associations and syllable patterns with an emphasis on word families. Phonics instruction is continued in Reading 2, reinforcing and reviewing what has been taught in K5 and Grade 1.

Love of Reading

One of the goals of BJU Press reading is to cultivate in students a lifelong love of reading. Colorful illustrations, age-appropriate texts, and exciting reading selections from a range of genres spark students' interest in the material. Students read silently to develop comprehension skills and participate in oral reading during discussion to develop communication skills.

Comprehension and Analysis

The selections in the BJU Press reading series provide opportunities for students to analyze and interpret the text from a biblical worldview. To ensure comprehension, the program incorporates both literal and higher-order thinking questions. Vocabulary, literary skills, and reading strategies are taught and then reinforced on worktext pages to enhance comprehension.

Support Materials

Teacher Edition

This guide for the teacher provides suggestions for introductions, vocabulary instruction, specific comprehension questions for each student edition page, and other helpful teaching ideas. Full-color student pages are included in a reduced, readable format.

Teacher Tools Online: Technology Enhancements

Technological features include editable PowerPoints, access to the Teacher Tools Online community, video clips, art, and much more! A PDF copy of the teacher edition is available with Teacher Tools Online purchase. Visit for more details.

Novel Studies and BJ BookLinks

Reading supplementary novels should be an integral part of any reading program. Reading 4 and Reading 5 include a third volume of the teacher edition that covers each novel for the course in detail. BJ BookLinks provide reading instruction experiences that broaden and deepen the students' ability to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate what they read. The guides available for each novel include lesson plans and reproducible work pages along with enrichment activities linking the novel to content areas and life skills. To accommodate the basal reader, one to three studies are recommended.

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