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Reading 5

Reading 5 is a comprehension-based reading program that equips students to be good communicators. Each component is designed to support teachers as they guide students in building reading comprehension, exercising biblical discernment and critical thinking skills, and cultivating an appreciation of literature. Students will have opportunities to interact with colorfully illustrated literature from a variety of authors and genres. They will focus on practicing reading strategies that improve comprehension.

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    How We Teach Reading 5

    Learning Biblical Discernment

    Teachers will guide students through analyzing and evaluating literature from a biblical perspective, requiring them to apply critical-thinking skills to specific literary questions.

    Reading Strategies

    Before reading, during reading, and after reading sections employ strategies that students have previously learned, including using self-monitoring questions, finding causes and effects, and using graphic organizers like Venn diagrams and K-W-L charts. Terms related to the craft of writing are also introduced.

    Introduction to Digital Literacy

    A section on digital literacy introduces students to using technology safely and appropriately. This section addresses online safety, digital friendships, cyberbullying, information reliability, and search engine use.

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    Reading 5 Educational Materials

    Student Edition

    Literature gives students an opportunity to consider new perspectives and topics. This student edition provides grade-level appropriate selections in a variety of genres from a variety of authors. Comprehension strategies and literary skills tailored to each selection are emphasized before, during, and after reading. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to approach each selection with biblical discernment.

    Teacher Edition and Novel Studies

    This three-part teacher edition provides 180 lessons with guidance for teaching each selection in the student edition. Lesson guides will encourage teachers to use teachermodeling for activities, including the graphic organizers and book reports. Teachers will also have opportunities to develop students’ silent and oral reading skills and assess comprehension through literal and higher-order questions. Look Again sections will provide opportunities for biblical worldview shaping and collaborative learning. The third volume includes twenty lessons each for the three novels differentiated as low, medium, and high—Misty of Chincoteague, Brady, and The Horse and His Boy.

    Student Activities Manual

    The activities manual provides extra practice and fun activities that review the vocabulary and skills covered in the lessons. Composition and formative assessment opportunities are also available in the activities manual.