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The Materials for Secondary Heritage Studies

Below is a sample of the standard BJU Press Secondary Heritage Studies materials provided for each grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.


Student Text (eTextbooks available)
Our student textbooks make history, geography, economics, and government meaningful and relevant by making them active. Through engaging text, questions that make students think, and beautiful design, the textbooks grab students' attention, sustain their interest, and help them remember the content long after they leave the classroom.


Teacher's Edition and Teacher's Toolkit CD
Our teacher's editions provide teachers with the support they need to teach the subject matter effectively. We have made the teacher's job easier—in our teacher's editions we have included help for everything from lesson planning to assessing student understanding. Our lesson plans are not scripted but instead include ample instructional support teachers can use to customize the lessons to the needs of their students. We have also provided teachers with tools for developing critical-thinking skills and a biblical worldview in their students. The Teacher's Toolkit CD, located in the back of the Teacher's Edition, gives the teacher easy access to additional resources, such as maps, timelines, visuals, and more.


Activity Manual
Our activity manuals are designed to help students interact with the course material in order to build understanding. Each activity—whether it is events to be sequenced or compared, a map to be labeled, or a study guide with fill-in-the-blank questions—reinforces the concepts being taught in the classroom.


Assessing student understanding is a big part of teaching and includes more than just testing. We've made the testing part easy by writing one age-appropriate test per chapter that covers the chapter's main ideas.

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