The Materials for Middle & High Heritage Studies

Below is a sample of the standard BJU Press Middle & High Heritage Studies materials provided for each grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student Edition, B - Teacher Edition, C - Activities, D - Assessments A

Student Edition
Each student edition uses a combination of well-researched content, photos, illustrations, graphs, maps, and timelines to explore United States and world history, cultures, government, and economics. Guiding questions help students focus on key learning objectives as they work through the material. Textboxes give students opportunities to dive deeper and interact with additional source material. Section and chapter reviews help them practice recall and apply critical-thinking skills to accomplish learning objectives. Critical-thinking questions in section and chapter reviews help them to form biblical positions on issues and become ethical citizens.


Teacher Edition
Each teacher edition provides additional teaching resources for expansion as well as optional activities, discussion guides, and research projects. Each teacher edition includes detailed answers to section and chapter reviews with guides for assessing students’ answers to subjective questions. Additional resources for larger projects are available in the appendices.


Each student activities manual provides opportunities for review of key skills and information as well as interaction with primary and secondary sources. Additional projects invite students to interact with major documents and practice mapping skills. An answer key is available as a separate book.


Each assessments packet includes one test per chapter and offers summative assessments for key concepts. Tests can be adjusted in accordance with teaching emphasis and direction, and questions offer opportunities to apply higher-order thinking skills. Types of test questions include true-false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer, and essay. An answer key is available for separate purchase. Additional assessment options are available through ExamView.

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