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Cultural Geography

Exploring the Diversity of Culture

Cultural Geography helps students become informed citizens and empowered participants in society. Encourage your students to appreciate the diversity of cultures in the world and help them to understand how cultures grow and develop. In this course, students will study the seven continents and the people who live on them so that they can begin to understand the different nations and their cultures.

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    How We Teach Cultural Geography

    • Explores how geography impacts economies and cultures by using inductive models with statistical data sets
    • Offers opportunities for collaborative learning and active learning
    • Encourages students to read and use source materials for additional studies
    • Equips students to evaluate cultural perspectives from a biblical worldview

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    Cultural Geography Educational Materials

    Student Edition and Teacher Edition

    The eight units in the student edition cover North and South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica. Students will learn about the physical geography of major countries, climates, and the people of the world. The teacher edition includes teaching notes, additional projects, discussion topics, and answer keys.

    Student Activities and Assessments

    The student activities include projects, primary source readings, and chapter reviews. Assessment packets include chapter tests to assess the students’ understanding of key concepts. Activities answer keys and assessment answer keys are also available.