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United States History

United States History is a chronological study of the major events in U.S. history, from the culture of the Native Americans to the early days of the Trump presidency. The course helps students see the past through the corrective lens of a biblical worldview, giving special attention to the rise and growth of secularism. It leads students to propose solutions to social problems, make informed decisions about local, state, and national issues, and to evaluate people, events, and movements from a biblical worldview.

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    How We Teach United States History

    Analyzing Primary and Secondary Sources

    Students are led to do history, not just read about it. The course will require them to interpret primary sources, drawing and combining reasonable inferences from both primary and secondary sources to build an understanding of complex issues.

    Evaluating Historical Perspectives

    Students are confronted with multiple perspectives on significant events in U.S. history. They are required to compare and contrast these perspectives and then judge them based on the teachings of Scripture.

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    United States History Educational Materials

    Teacher Edition

    The Teacher Edition provides guidance for individual and group assessments that correct and strengthen students’ historical thinking and supplements the teacher’s instruction. It suggests methods and discussions for helping students understand historical debates and points of view from a biblical worldview and for grasping historical causation.

    Student Edition

    The student edition analyzes U. S. history by events, themes, and periods. Sections include essential questions designed to help students read with purpose. Section reviews are divided into literal and high-order questions. Chapter reviews incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy.


    The Student Activities Manual provides reviews, additional projects, and readings. The additional projects invite students to interact with documents from major figures throughout American history, such as letters, speeches, bills, and articles.