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Program Goals for Elementary Bible Truths

The goal of a Bible class in any Christian school is to lay the foundation for a biblical worldview. In order to lay an effective foundation, students must understand all the parts of a biblical worldview and have the skills they need to apply it, and teachers should have support in teaching a biblical worldview.

Parts of a Biblical Worldview

The Authority of Scripture: The Bible Is the Word of God

Knowing that the Bible is the authoritative standard governing every aspect of life is key to a proper understanding of the beginning, purpose, and methodology of life. In order to be able to interpret and fulfill life’s purpose, students must be regenerated, knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Beyond salvation, students must grow in understanding the Bible’s particulars for living for God’s glory—the who, what, why, when, where, and how.

“The Bible tells a single, unified story that can be summed up in three words: Creation, Fall, and Redemption.”

The Big Story of Scripture: The Bible as a Single Narrative

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells a single, unified story that can be summed up in three words: Creation, Fall, and Redemption. Each year in our elementary Bible program, students cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Though they do not cover every story every year, after completing Grades 1–6 they will have touched almost all of the significant narratives in the Bible’s story.

Beliefs and Values: Thinking Theologically

The Bible tells its story in many different ways, and students of the Bible need to be able to systematize different teachings in Scripture, find and use key passages, and understand the implications and applications of various truths.

Elementary Bible begins the process of developing in students a desire to become life-long learners of the Bible by giving them the tools they need to begin understanding Scripture. Our program covers many biblical accounts to give students a firm grasp of the Bible at a young age.

Personal Behavior: Applying the Theology

A worldview is simply the application to personal behavior of a set of values—beliefs and assumptions—that grow out of the big story of Scripture. The other academic disciplines should be applying the biblical worldview specifically, but students cannot apply what they don’t have foundationally—Bible knowledge.

Elementary Bible begins to establish that foundation of biblical knowledge that allows students to make a complete application of their biblical worldview to all areas of their lives, both academically and personally.

Skills for Applying a Biblical Worldview

Head (Beliefs)

In order for Bible class to be truly effective, it must equip students with skills for studying the Bible for themselves. Students need to understand how to navigate the Bible; to be able to use study helps, cross-referencing tools, concordances, and dictionaries; to use hermeneutics, the science of interpretation.

Our elementary Bible program focuses on giving the necessary information in an age-appropriate way. Hands-on exercises in the lower grades help students relate to and understand the lessons they are learning. Our teacher editions include thoughtfully worded elements that help students reach the goal of godly understanding and application. We also provide teachers with a hymn option to further reinforce students’ understanding and application of truth.

Heart (Values)

“Beliefs should lead to values; values must be derived from beliefs.”

Bible class can’t become truly effective unless it goes from head knowledge to heart knowledge. Observation and interpretation should lead to application. Beliefs should lead to values; values must be derived from beliefs.

Elementary Bible offers numerous application stories that help students visualize Bible application in their lives. Application stories, used in conjunction with Bible memory, hymn learning, Bible Truths, Bible stories, and the teacher’s teaching skills, help to move head knowledge to the heart.

Teaching Biblical Worldview

Abundant Material

Teaching a biblical worldview is one of the most important elements of a Christian education. When it comes to selecting the material that each class needs, it’s up to the teacher to choose the best lessons or the best material to share with the class.

Our elementary Bible program provides more than enough material for each day, which allows teachers to select the material they want that will satisfy their classes’ needs in the best ways possible.

  • Verse memorization activities give students new and engaging ways to learn Scripture.
  • Hymn options provide students with the historical contexts for important and familiar hymns.
  • Memorization of Bible Truths helps to instill and teach doctrine in young minds and hearts.
  • Hands-on activities provide opportunities for kinesthetic learners.
  • All of the material is packed with colorful artwork and illustrations that help tell the story and teach the material for visual learners.
  • Lessons include novel studies and missionary biography studies that give students a greater understanding of biblical concepts and provide a potential context for application.
  • Lessons also provide short application stories that illustrate Bible truths.
  • Daily “Going Beyond” exercises give students an opportunity to manipulate the concepts so that they can better process and remember the material.
  • “Bible Study Skills” sections exercise simple hermeneutic principles.
  • In-text optional connections to other subjects as noted in the teacher editions encourage cross-subject development.
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