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Bible 4

Bible 4 reveals how the Old Testament books fit together to tell a single, connected story. Students will trace this story from Creation and the Fall through the unfolding theme of Redemption in the accounts of Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the nation of Israel. The course also includes two instructional strands: Bible study and apologetics. Students will learn to use the inductive Bible study approach through observation, interpretation, and application. They will also practice defending the Bible as the only inspired and authoritative message from God.

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    How We Teach Bible 4

    A Single Story Unfolds in the Old Testament

    This new elementary Bible course doesn’t focus on isolated Bible stories that teach a theme. Rather, it unfolds the Scriptures so that each story reveals a larger whole. Students will trace the theme of redemption as revealed in the Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, and New Covenants.

    Developing Bible Study Skills

    The teacher edition and the student worktext will help students develop inductive Bible study skills. Students will read from the Bible rather than merely hearing retellings of biblical passages. Activities based around those Bible passages will require them to observe, interpret, and apply the Scriptures.

    Making Application

    This course focuses not only on student understanding but also on affective engagement. As they learn more about the Word of God, students will be encouraged to internalize its teachings, applying them and defending them in the world.

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    Bible 4 Educational Materials

    Student Worktext

    The student worktext emphasizes the simplicity and unity of the story of Scripture as students learn about the Old Testament. Engaging exercises increase the students’ understanding and their desire to love and serve God. The worktext also helps the student grasp the concepts taught and includes important formative assessments.

    Teacher Edition

    The teacher edition provides a clear plan for student engagement and learning. Lessons feature a variety of teaching strategies including lecture, classroom discussion, role-playing, Socratic questioning, and cooperative learning. The instructional strategies assist the teacher in making a strong tie between the Bible and the students’ life experiences. The overall goal of the instruction is to lead students to internalize biblical truth. All notes, activities, and teaching strategies within the teacher edition align with the educational objectives for the course.