Geometry eTextbook & Printed ST (4th ed.)

Geometry eTextbook & Printed ST (4th ed.)
The Teacher’s Edition associated with this textbook may arrive later than expected. Geometry Teacher’s Edition (4th ed.) will ship on July 1. The CD will follow on September 30. Talk to your Precept sales representative for more information.

Available July 1, 2016

Geometry Student Text (4th ed.) contains lessons that thoroughly develop key concepts, provide detailed examples to promote student comprehension, and integrate practical applications. Expanded exercise sets are graded by three levels of difficulty to allow for differentiated assignments.

This eTextbook is offered through the VitalSource Bookshelf platform. Delivering digital content to more than 1.6 million users on 6,000 campuses in 180 countries. VitalSource® is the preferred and most used eTextbook platform in higher education today.

Features of VitalSource® eTextbooks:

  • Simple process—After the book is purchased, the student signs up for a free Vitalsource Bookshelf account online, enters the special code received from BJU Press, and receives the eTextbook in his virtual bookshelf.
  • Anywhere, anytime access—The student gets three-way access to the eTextbook: mobile, online, and download (available on PC/Mac desktops and laptops, iOS devices, and Android devices) for sixteen months.
  • Study features—Students can highlight text, define text, write notes, and search eTextbook contents and notes.
  • Note sharing—Students can share notes or subscribe to friends or teacher’s notes. Notes are synchronized across all devices.
  • Page fidelity—pagination in both hard copy textbooks and eTextbooks is the same, enabling all students to be on the same page no matter which version they use in the classroom.

VitalSource eTextbooks expire 16 months after redemption and are not returnable.

  • eISBN - 978-1-62856-116-6
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2016
  • Format - VitalSource eTextbook
  • eBook Term - 16 months
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Geometry eTextbook & Printed ST (4th ed.)

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