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BJU Press and State and National Standards

As an educational publisher, BJU Press stays current in developments in education so that we can best meet the needs of students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Since many educators reference state and national standards, maintaining an awareness of these standards is important to serve them well.

Standards and Academic Responsibility

BJU Press has a responsibility to ensure that educational products address the subject matter standards established by national and state authorities for three main reasons:

  1. Standards reflect many best practices and much educational research.
  2. Standards aid in college and career readiness.
  3. Standards prepare students for high-stakes assessments (i.e., standardized tests and college entrance examinations).

We remember daily—and prayerfully—the joy and responsibility we have in supporting administrators, teachers, and parents in the work of Christian education.

For these reasons, BJU Press maintains a strong awareness of state and national educational standards that apply to our subject areas.

Standards and a Biblical Worldview

Occasionally, some academic standards present a challenge to a Biblical worldview. However, it is possible to produce academically rigorous educational materials that address philosophically problematic standards while forming a biblical worldview in students and accomplishing legitimate academic outcomes. Biblical worldview formation is at the heart of all the materials we design. Students learn how the Bible is relevant to every academic subject because each textbook includes biblical worldview shaping. Instead of beginning with man’s assumptions and then refuting them with God’s truth, we start with God’s truth as the standard. Scripture serves as a blueprint for how we put together our textbooks so that every lesson begins with truth.

Standards and Academic Rigor

Education involves both head and heart. Students’ thinking must be shaped by a biblical worldview in the academic disciplines in a way that is academically rigorous. Academic rigor is the educational experience that engages students in content appropriate to their academic level and helps them learn to analyze, evaluate, and ultimately create. We consult state and national standards and the current educational research to help BJU Press products incorporate educational best practices.

Standards and Educational Technology

Relevant 21st century education requires the integration of technology, both by the teacher in instructional pedagogy and by the student in value-added learning experiences. BJU Press offers a variety of digital resources crafted to complement our BJU Press textbook products and designed to enhance and encourage optimal student learning. We offer instructional resources, professional development, differentiated activities, homework help, test curation, and much more across our easy-to-use, affordable technology platforms.