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Our textbooks are written from a well-rounded and proven philosophy of education. We believe that the best way to help a child learn is to help him understand what he's learning—not having him simply memorize the information.

All of our textbooks are also thoroughly biblically integrated. That doesn't mean that we just throw in some verses. We have a team of individuals devoted to making sure that the Bible is properly referenced and indicated in texts for each subject and at every grade level.

Textbooks cannot be accredited. Only schools can be accredited.

The Teacher Editions are valuable tools for each subject you teach. They provide you with tips for how to correctly use the student materials, give suggested lesson plans to use throughout the year, include an abundance of information to allow you flexibility in your teaching, and supply information for you to tailor your teaching to different learning styles or to focus on particular concepts.

We have formally discontinued the CDs previously included with the teacher editions. You can find the resources previously included on those CDs on Teacher Tools Online.

Our Scope & Sequence is an overview that highlights the material in our textbooks as well as the skills that your students should be learning for each subject and grade.

The main differences between new and old editions are

  • Updated or new content
  • Different structure
  • Different page numbers

As a general rule, we don't suggest mixing different editions of textbooks and materials (within a subject). Because of the differences found in editions, it can be difficult to adapt a new material with an older edition textbook.

Note—Some textbooks are only updated for copyright purposes (see the next FAQ) and are easier to adapt with the previous edition (i.e., a 4th edition text with 4th edition copyright update materials).

A textbook with the words copyright update in the title simply means that the textbook has been updated only for copyright purposes. The content and structure of the textbook have not changed significantly. So if you are using the Math 4 Student Worktext (3rd ed.; copyright update) with any of the Math 4 (3rd ed.) materials, you shouldn't notice much of a difference.

BJU Press has not changed any products to correlate to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Because some of our customers may need to follow the CCSS, we sometimes compare our standards to the CCSS. By doing so, we are not showing support of the CCSS in any way—BJU Press does not support the CCSS. We are simply trying to assist those customers who, for whatever reason, need to see the comparison. For more information read the BJU Press Position on state and national standards or contact us.

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