Making Connections in Literature Fourth Edition

the Literature 8 textbooks

Deepen Comprehension and Sharpen Critical Thinking

Equip your students to analyze texts and identify themes in a variety of genres so they can evaluate and connect literature to the rest of the world. Literature 8, Making Connections in Literature (4th edition), gives students the reading strategies and literary skills they need to comprehend, analyze, interpret, and compare texts of different genres. They will evaluate both contemporary and classic selections and complete a full-length novel study of Across Five Aprils. Ultimately, this course encourages students to develop both artistic and biblical discernment so they can be creative, Christlike communicators.

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How We Teach Literature 8

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Close Reading with the Reading Process

As students follow the reading process, they will accomplish close readings of each selection, learning and using reading strategies that help them come to a richer understanding of the selections, genres, authors, and themes covered in this course.

Gradual Release of Responsibility

The teaching cycle in the teacher edition enables teachers to encourage students to become independent learners by progressing from whole-class instruction to collaborative learning activities to independent learning activities in each unit.

Contemporary Selections

In the student edition, students will find relevant, contemporary selections balanced with notable classic selections that they will find easy to engage with.

Thematic Units

The student edition organizes selections into six themes. Literature selections within each unit help students develop a cultural understanding of the themes. General activities and Big Questions provide natural opportunities for worldview shaping.


Student Edition (eTextbook Available)

The student edition provides students with an anthology of literary selections representing a variety of genres, authors, and timelines so teachers can provide explicit instruction for reading and engaging with different genres. Many selections include engaging, exciting artwork to evaluate. Each selection guides students through the three stages of the reading process—effectively preparing students for understanding before reading, helping them to engage with content during reading, and encouraging critical-thinking development and worldview shaping after reading. This course can aid students in developing discernment about different and potentially dangerous philosophies.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides a lesson pathway for guiding students through each text and gives teachers tools to discuss unit themes on a deeper level. The teaching cycle in the teacher edition provides direction for engaging, instructing, applying, and assessing lesson content. It offers teachers a greater depth of analysis and evaluation to help students develop a rounded, biblical understanding of each selection. Additionally, it provides opportunities for collaborative learning.

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