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The BJU Press elementary Bible program helps to bridge the gap between head knowledge and heart knowledge by guiding students as they study, interpret, and apply a biblical worldview. Elementary Bible builds on 147 foundational Bible truths that present the Bible as a complex yet coherent story that is relevant to all people for all time. Our sequential approach to Scripture’s story and fundamental doctrines gives students a foundational understanding of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation and offers opportunities to practice comparing worldviews. When students know God’s Word, their hearts can change to love and worship God and, in turn, love others as themselves. When the Word of God changes students’ minds, hearts, and actions, they can live like Christ and share the truth of the gospel with others.

Elementary Bible Truths Questions and Answerspdf document
This nondenominational list of Bible Truths includes the best elements of several reliable summaries of basic Bible teachings.

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