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New Products for 2021

  • Footsteps for Fours

    Gather students around the Teaching Tree for daily math, phonics, and prereading lessons. In this interactive course, students will sing songs, play games, and learn more about their world.

  • Heritage Studies 2

    Prepare students to live wisely in their world by helping them to evaluate society and their role in it. Real-world activities teach them valuable skills for lifelong learning.

  • Science 3

    Help students understand the purpose of science and to explore all facets of their world through STEM, inquiry, and project and problem-based learning activities and experiments.

  • English 3

    Show students how and why we communicate and give them the tools to communicate verbally and with the written word with friends, in work, with authorities, in celebration, and with other people.

  • Math 5

    Take off for new math experiences and challenge students to apply math knowledge in STEM lessons and collaborative learning activities.

  • Bible 6

    Challenge students to face false worlds and to examine how they think about the world compared to how the world really is according to the teachings of Scripture.

  • Writing & Grammar 7

    Lead students to become creators as they learn how to apply grammar skills to their writing. They will evaluate mentor texts and practice their writing and grammar skills with regular Writing Workshops.

  • Exploring Themes in Literature

    Sharpen students’ sensitivity to aesthetics within the God-given gift of words and story-telling. Through literature, students will explore community, love, suffering, justice, transformation, and purpose.

  • Cultural Geography

    Encourage students to appreciate the diversity of our world by exploring people, cultures, and landforms. Cultural literacy is essential to becoming informed and empowered citizens.

  • Chemistry

    Ignite wonder in your students by showing them how matter and energy interact in all areas of our lives. Students have a unique opportunity to use chemistry to redeem and change the world.

  • Consumer Math

    Prepare students to be responsible citizens by developing their knowledge and skills so they can successfully handle their personal finances.

  • Spanish 2

    Take students on a cultural adventure and strengthen their foundations in Spanish communication. They will explore the Spanish language thematically with regular opportunities for practice and application.

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