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BJU Press Trove - Tools for today's teachers. Connection for today's students

Now Available! Trove is the premier learning experience platform for teachers and students using BJU Press materials in schools.

Unparalleled learning rooted in scripture.

BJU Press provides educational materials written from a biblical worldview that focus on academic rigor and encourage critical thinking—all supported by appropriate educational technology.

BJU Press textbooks on display

Textbooks that Develop Critical Thinking & Reasoning

A complete education goes beyond facts and processes, so our textbooks direct students to think for themselves. They are encouraged to use discernment and to consider their worldview in everyday situations. Our textbooks help students to develop skills in critical thinking with inductive teaching, hands-on-learning, and probing questions.

“Built from a foundation of diligent research, rigorous standards, and biblical worldview, your textbooks provide our Christian school with materials we can trust.”

~ Lake County Baptist School

Technology Solutions that make teaching easier and more impactful.

Trove is the premier learning platform for teachers and students using BJU Press materials.

Trove makes it easier than ever to find resources, build lesson plans, create assessments, and interact with students—all in an online format.