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Teachers will find educational articles, editable lesson plan overviews, PowerPoint presentations, an electronic assessments generator, and much more in the database! BJU Press is bringing that same quality to the Christian classroom through a broad range of educational technology options. We hope you see in these technology tools the opportunity for even greater success for your teachers and your students.

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Premium Resources

Schools pay a one-time subscription fee for each teacher. Each paid teacher subscription includes access to content for every subject.


Pre-designed, editable presentations give you a quick starting point every day.

Lesson Plans—

Editable Word documents with pre-created lesson plans help you get ahead on daily lesson prep.


BJU Press videos, external web links, and art work helps you customize lessons for different learners. Art work includes maps, charts, and other images that enhance lessons.


PDF versions of BJU Press curriculum maps help you prepare your own curriculum maps.


The premier assessment tool offers material from over 11,000 textbooks from more than 65 top educational publishers. It serves as the foundation for creating, administering, and managing assessments. Learn more.


Take lesson prep anywhere with VitalSource and PDF copies of your teacher editions. You can also make and share notes in VitalSource copies of the text.

ShopTalk Community—

Collaborate with other teachers within the ShopTalk Community.

Professional Development—

Get your CEUs with free professional development courses.

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