BJU Press Technology Solutions for Christian Schools

In our world, technology is inescapable. While the core of a Christian philosophy of education remains changeless, every year brings new research and new technologies that can improve learning outcomes.

As a publisher, BJU Press is committed to providing as many useful resources as possible to Christian educators, to support the academic and spiritual goals of Christian schools. Since 1974, we have been known for quality textbooks that have high academic rigor, teach critical thinking and a biblical worldview, and align with national standards.

BJU Press is bringing that same quality to the Christian classroom through a broad range of educational technology options. We hope you see in these technology tools the opportunity for even greater success for your teachers and your students.


Electronic textbooks for students and teachers

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Teacher Tools Online

Teacher support and resources for classroom instruction

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Christian Classroom Online

Award-winning video content and online assessments

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After School Help

Do you want to give your Pre-Algebra and Algebra 2 students extra practice with complicated math concepts? BJU Press has developed a digital math tutor that directly supports BJU Press math textbooks. Math concepts are searchable by chapter and section as well as by keywords.

Students will find:

  • detailed instructions explaining the concept
  • extra practice questions
  • videos providing extra help for most concepts
  • speed drills for basic math
  • other resources, such as templates and review sheets
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