Christian Classroom Online

Christian Classroom Online (CCO) delivers BJU Press Distance Learning content to Christian schools. You choose the option that works best for your school—the Streaming Video or the Complete Christian Classroom. With Christian Classroom Online, your students have the benefit of an experienced teacher in each classroom, and you can offer more courses to meet your students' educational goals.

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Which option is right for your school?

Option 1
Streaming Video Only
Option 2
Complete Christian Classroom
  • Provides online access to our extensive selection of video courses
  • Ideal for small schools that may not have a qualified teacher for a particular subject or grade. Multiple students will watch one video display under the direction of the facilitator.
  • Allows students to participate in a complete distance-learning course, including individual pacing, online assessments (which vary by course), an online community of other CCO students, eTextbooks (for available subjects), and more.
  • Each student receives a personal login for the subjects purchased. Students can complete most work at school or home; their experience is similar to that of our distance-learning homeschooled students but under the school's direction and oversight.
  • The facilitator is given a personal login that allows access to reports, grade books, and other required support material for monitoring students' progress.
BJU Press Provides
  • Online access to the video courses through a single facilitator login
  • Online access to additional required materials for the facilitator to print and distribute to students
  • Individual student logins
  • eTextbooks for online access or download
  • Online assessments for students (Grades 5–12)
  • Access to grade books for facilitator
  • Online access to additional required materials for facilitator to print and distribute to students
School Provides
  • Classroom facilitator (to manage students and to prepare, distribute, grade, and record assignments)
  • Internet connection to support streaming (See FAQs for details.)
  • Video display (large TV or projector screen) a computer connection
  • Required associated BJU Press Textbooks (including printed tests)
  • Classroom/lab facilitator
  • Internet connection with adequate bandwidth for student access (See FAQs for details.)
  • Computers/tablets for online access for each student
  • Required associated BJU Press textbooks
  • $159 per license (allowing one subject to be viewed at a time—a “per classroom” or “per grade” license.
  • Up to eight classes per license.
  • eTextbooks copies of student editions are available for individual purchase.
  • Student single-course cost: $79–$109 (includes eTextbooks for available subjects)
  • Student grade cost: $219–$549 (full grade-level subjects and includes eTextbooks for available subjects) See FAQs for details.
  • Additional printed textbooks (where required or desired) that vary from $50–$450 per grade
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