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BJU Press Technology Solutions for Christian Schools

While the foundational principles of good academic practice and biblical worldview shaping don’t change, various tactics and tools (including technology) do.

As a publisher, BJU Press is committed to the continual improvement of both our content, and the technology tools supporting that content, and of the educators and students that use them.

Since 1974, we have been known for quality textbooks that have academic rigor, teach critical thinking and a biblical worldview, and align with national standards. And BJU Press has continued to invest in and innovate educational technology to provide digital access, increased efficiency, and enhanced educational outcomes.

Below, you’ll find more information about many of these tools.



Introducing Trove — the premier learning experience platform for teachers and students using BJU Press materials in schools. Coming in Early June 2024.

Building on the best features of our previous technology solutions, Trove makes it easier than ever to find instructional resources, build sharable lesson plans, create digital or printed assessments, and interact with students in an online format.



Do you have students who need extra practice for certain concepts? Give them free practice opportunities and extra learning resources for math and English through The site offers detailed resources for high school math and English 4–12. It also offers speed drills for elementary math students. All lessons and concepts are searchable with the corresponding chapter and lesson number from BJU Press textbooks.


Christian Classroom Online

Christian Classroom Online (CCO) delivers BJU Press video courses to Christian schools. You choose the option that works best for your school—streaming video, the complete Christian classroom, or DVD lessons. With Christian Classroom Online, your students have the benefit of an experienced teacher in each classroom, and you can offer more courses to meet your students’ educational goals.


TextbookHub eTextbooks and eWorktexts

COMING SOON - eTextbooks and eWorktexts will be available soon on the TextBook Hub platform through May 30, 2024, to those who already have access. After this date, access to the platform and student and teacher work will no longer be available. Licenses can no longer be purchased. Once our newest platform, BJU Press Trove, goes live, eTextbooks (and eWorktexts) will be readily available.


Teacher Tools Online

The 2023-2024 school year will be the final year to purchase a teacher license for Teacher Tools Online.  It will still remain available as a resource for teachers with a login through June, 2025.  See what resources are still available to those who have a license.