Materials for Pre-Algebra

Pre-Algebra Student Worktext

Gives 8th grade students example and practice activities that guide them in preparing for and learning advanced math skills. This program connects math skills and math studies to real-life applications and encourages students to consider the implications of math for biblical worldview shaping.

Pre-Algebra Teacher Edition

Provides educators with the tools to prepare their students for more advanced math skills and strategies. Lesson plans available in this teacher edition give teachers a regular structure and path through the content, with discussion notes, teaching strategies, suggested activities, and more, following a teaching cycle. Additional notes, design elements, and more provide resources for helping students develop a biblical worldview of math skills and math studies.

Pre-Algebra Activities

Provides students with a consumable workbook with additional, supplemental practice activities relating to corresponding lessons in Pre-Algebra.

Pre-Algebra Activities Answer Key

Provides an answer key with complete, step-by-step solutions to the activities found in the Pre-Algebra Activities.

Pre-Algebra Assessments

Provides teachers with a number of formative assessments as well as a preassessment for the Pre-Algebra course.

Pre-Algebra Assessments Answer Key

Includes overprint answers and step-by-step solutions for all quizzes, tests, quarterly exams, and the pretest. Additional information provides references to the related objective and the difficulty level of each question.

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