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The Materials for Perspectives in Literature

Perspectives in Literature Student Edition

Builds 6th grade reading comprehension by providing students with grade-level-appropriate selections that represent different genres, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences. To provide opportunities for biblical thinking, each unit is centered on a biblical worldview shaping theme. By following the Reading Process Approach within this 6th grade literature textbook, students will develop the reading strategies and literary skills they need to comprehend, analyze, evaluate, and respond to each selection.

Perspectives in Literature Teacher Edition

Equips educators with 6th grade literature lesson plans and many other resources to help students both enjoy and succeed in reading. This teacher’s edition includes teaching strategies that promote active learning, ideas for differentiated instruction, discussion questions, and writing assignments that incorporate the writing process.

Perspectives in Literature Activities

Provides worksheets for independent practice and reinforcement of the skills taught in the lessons, including comprehension, composition, and biblical worldview shaping.

Perspectives in Literature Activities Answer Key

Includes copies of all student activities from the Grade 6 Perspectives in Literature activities workbook with overprint answers for easy grading.

Perspectives in Literature Assessments

Provides reading tests designed to assess students’ comprehension of the literature selections, as well as their understanding of the literary terms and biblical worldview concepts. This reading tests packet also provides cold-read tests that will both assess the students’ reading comprehension skills and prepare them for standardized testing. The 6th grade reading comprehension passages and questions determine if students can read actively and pay attention to details within the reading.

Perspectives in Literature Assessments Answer Key

Includes copies of the 12 student tests with overprint answers for easy grading.

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