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The Materials for World History

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World History Student Text

The Student Text encourages students to trace the major patterns in world history, following them as they point more and more clearly to the triumph of the kingdom of God. As they journey through time in this engaging survey of world history, students will cover creation, the earliest post-Flood civilizations, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and civilizations in Africa, the East, Asia, pre-colonization Americas, and empires in Africa, India, and Asia.

World History Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition includes teaching strategies and formative assessments, aligned with educational objectives, to be used as tools to help teachers to develop critical thinking skills. Suggested discussion topics and questions guide teachers through the key themes and handling of primary sources. Teachers will find multiple paths for engagement with events, eras, concepts, and assumptions from the past.

World History Student Activities Manual

The Student Activities manual includes helpful projects and primary source readings. The chapter reviews help the students to develop mastery over the material.

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World History Student Activities Manual Answer Key

The Student Activities Answer Key provides answers to the Student Activities book and helps the teacher determine a student's knowledge and understanding.

World History Assessments

The Assessments give students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of cognitive skills. All assessments are aligned with educational objectives.

World History Assessments Answer Key

The Assessments Answer Key provide answers to printed tests and help the teacher assess the students' knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

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