Check out a page from the Heritage Studies 6 Student Text

a page from the Heritage Studies 6 Student Text

The Materials for Heritage Studies 6

Heritage Studies 6 Student Text

Provides a colorful, age appropriate informational text about ancient civilizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Maps, graphs, charts, photographs, and illustrations enhance learning. The textbook carries the theme of the Creation, the Fall, and the Redemption throughout while additional resources develop students’ familiarity with key figures in ancient civilizations, primary sources, atlases, and more.

the Garden of Eden

Heritage Studies 6 Teacher's Edition

The foundation of the program from which all the activities originate. It enriches most of the 180 included lessons with teacher helps, background information, and activities. Additional useful information is found in the back of the book, including the Teacher’s Resource Treasury with instructional aids and rubrics. It also contains Information for conducting a history fair and a Religions Chart.

Heritage Studies 6 Student Activity Manual

Provides a variety of pages to aid the student’s understanding through consumable worksheets. Chapter summaries give a list of key terms and concepts that help students prepare for tests. It also includes a history timeline from 3000 BC to AD 2000 at the end of the book.

Heritage Studies 6 Student Activity Manual Answer Key

A full-page answer key printed in book form.

Heritage Studies 6 Tests

Includes one copy of each of the fifteen chapter tests and quizzes. Each chapter test includes an essay question. Quizzes should be administered after the completion of each Study Guide in the Activity Manual to measure the student’s progress.

Heritage Studies 6 Tests Answer Key

Includes a copy of each test with answer overprints for ease of grading.

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