The Materials for English

Below are the standard BJU Press English materials provided for each elementary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student Worktext, B - Teacher Edition with CD, and C - Tests A

Student Worktext
The student worktexts provide guided practice through teacher- and mentor-text modeling and independent practice to strengthen skills in writing and grammar. Communication skills are taught through relevant and meaningful oral and written activities. Students learn writing skills using the five steps of the Writing Process across many genres. Chapter reviews at the end of each unit and cumulative reviews provide a spiral review of previously learned skills. Each worktext also contains a Writing Handbook with a dictionary, thesaurus, writing models, and more.


Teacher Edition with Teacher’s Toolkit CD
The teacher editions provide a thorough presentation of English instruction with a balance of grammar study and writing practice. Suggestions for differentiated instruction and for working with ELL students appear in many lessons. Instructional aids enhance lessons by providing definitions, sample sentences, or essential teaching visuals. These editions also give teachers tools for developing students’ critical-thinking skills and biblical worldview through discussions and activities. Each teacher edition has reduced worktext pages with answers for corresponding lessons. Additional worksheets and teacher helps are available on the teacher’s toolkit CD or on Teacher Tools Online.


Each test packet contains one age-appropriate test per grammar chapter, covering the most important concepts taught in the lessons.

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