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English 3 worktext and Teacher Edition covers

English 3

Achieving Effective Communication

English 3 combines grammar and writing skills in a student-friendly consumable book to provide students with the knowledge and practice they need to become clear verbal and written communicators. Students will gain a foundational knowledge of standard English and learn to effectively plan for and write opinion pieces, informative texts, and narratives. Teacher modeling, mentor texts, and independent practice help students master necessary writing and grammar skills.

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Results for 3rd Grade English

    • English 3 Worktext, 3rd ed.

      English 3 Worktext, 3rd ed.


      The student edition combines grammar and writing practice in one consumable book. Grammar chapters emphasize traditional grammar to support the writing chapters. Paragraph development is simplified with a color-coded paragraph structure showing a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a concluding sentence.

    • English 3 Teacher Edition, 3rd ed.

      English 3 Teacher Edition, 3rd ed.


      The teacher edition provides ideas to engage students, strategies to enhance instruction, and assessment opportunities to gauge learning. There are 180 lessons divided into 14 chapters. Seven chapters focus on standard English conventions.

    • English 3 Assessments, 3rd ed.

      English 3 Assessments, 3rd ed.


      The assessments packet includes a two-page chapter test for each of the seven grammar chapters and for the study and research chapter.

    • English 3 Assessments Answer Key, 3rd ed.

      English 3 Assessments Answer Key, 3rd ed.


      This assessments answer key provides copies of each test with overprint answers for teachers to assess their students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

    • English 3 Tests, 2nd ed.

      English 3 Tests, 2nd ed.


      This Test packet includes one test for each chapter as well as suggestions for grading. Each test includes application of the concepts and skills from the chapter. Tests for the writing chapters may include the use of graphic organizers and proofreading skills.

    • English 3 Tests Answer Key, 2nd ed.

      English 3 Tests Answer Key, 2nd ed.


      English 3 Tests Answer Key includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading. Corresponds with English 3 Tests.

    • English 3 Teacher's Edition, 2nd ed.

      English 3 Teacher's Edition, 2nd ed.


      English 3 Teacher's Edition (2nd ed.) provides easy instructions to teach grammar for understanding and to guide the teaching of writing using the Writing Process. Students plan, draft, revise, proofread, and publish eight different types of writing: game instructions, friendly letter, persuasive essay, story, book report, sound poem, research report, and compare-contrast essay.

    How We Teach English 3

    Grammar Skills

    The first grammar chapter provides a foundation in sentence structure and the following grammar chapters methodically introduce each part of speech. The thorough step-by-step instruction and frequent review reinforces grammatical concepts.

    The Writing Process

    The writing process used in every writing chapter is plan, draft, revise, proofread, and publish. The careful explanation of the steps and involvement of peers and teachers through collaboration help students strengthen and refine their writing skills.

    Biblical Worldview Shaping

    The themes friendship, authority, work, celebration and people are used to address areas of a student’s life where they frequently communicate. These themes help cultivate an appreciation for the power of language and guidance for using communication to serve others.


    Students will learn how to conduct short research projects and take notes on the information. The Study and Research chapter was updated to include accessing and discerning reliable online sources as well as learning about internet safety and electronic catalogs.

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    English 3 Educational Materials

    Teacher Edition: Differentiated Learning

    The teacher edition provides opportunity for differentiated instruction. Teachers can reinforce concepts, help struggling students, or challenge advanced students through these alternative activities. This feature accommodates various learning styles through active learning strategies that involve multiple modalities, and offers tips for adapting lessons to the needs of English language learners.

    Teacher Edition: Assessments and Grading

    The chapter tests provide summative assessment for the seven grammar chapters and the study and research skills chapter. Writing rubrics are specially designed for each writing project and serve as a guide for summative assessment. Writing conferences and checklists provide formative assessment during the writing process. The Chapter Review is a formative assessment indicating whether the student is prepared to take the test. Cumulative Review pages provide a spiral review of skills assessed in earlier chapters. Additional Review and Write It Right pages are available exclusively at Teacher Tools Online.