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The Materials for Writing & Grammar 12

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Writing & Grammar 12 Student Text

The Writing & Grammar 12 Student Worktext contains very thorough explanations of grammatical concepts such as the parts of speech, phrases and clauses, usage, and mechanics. It introduces advanced grammatical concepts such as tense sequence, perfect verbs, and adverbial nouns. It also includes reference chapters on library skills and study skills. Throughout the text, students are encouraged to apply grammatical knowledge to communication. Students are led through the writing process and are given specific writing assignments throughout the course. Projects include a research paper, a literary analysis, a folktale, a narrative poem, a hymn, an analytical essay, an interview, a memoir, an analogy, and an in-class essay.

Writing & Grammar 12 Teacher's Edition with CD

The Writing & Grammar 12 Teacher’s Edition is full of helpful teaching tips and thorough expanations. It includes reduced student pages with answer overprints to help with grading. The CD contains writing rubrics, pretests, and planning helps.

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Writing & Grammar 12 Tests

The Writing & Grammar 12 Tests contain chapter tests as well as a midterm and final.

Writing & Grammar 12 Tests Answer Key

The Writing & Grammar 12 Tests Answer Key contains a copy of the student tests with answer overprints for easy grading.

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