Check out a page from the Writing & Grammar 10 Student Worktext

a page from the Writing & Grammar 10 Student Worktext

The Materials for Writing & Grammar 10

Writing & Grammar 10 Student Worktext

Writing and Grammar 10 Student Worktext provides systematic grammar and usage instruction with ample practice activities for students. Most chapters feature a writing assignment with an accompanying model that teachers and students can reference throughout the writing process. An overview of the Writing Process and writing strategies appear later in the book, but students will benefit from a review of the process throughout the entire year. Also, “Think About It” sections throughout the text help develop students’ critical-thinking skills.

Writing & Grammar 10 Teacher's Edition with CD

In the Writing & Grammar 10 Teacher’s Edition teachers will encounter reduced student-worktext pages with overprint answers, a Lesson Plan Overview to help with scheduling, detailed lesson plans with a variety of teaching strategies, and suggestions for incorporating the resources found on the Teacher’s Toolkit CD.

The Teacher’s Toolkit CD, included with the Teacher’s Edition, contains reproducibles and answer keys for diagnostic pretests, extra practice activities, instructional helps for ESL students, worksheets for writing assignments, and rubrics to simplify the grading of compositions.

Writing & Grammar 10 Tests

The Writing & Grammar 10 Tests help assess student understanding of the content presented in the lessons. Each test contains a variety of question types.

Writing & Grammar 10 Tests Answer Key

The Writing & Grammar 10 Tests Answer Key contains a copy of each student test with answer overprints for easy grading.

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