The Materials for Writing & Grammar 10

Writing & Grammar 10 Worktext

Offers a review of parts of speech, verbals, and sentence structure along with instruction in writing skills through varied projects. These projects include writing informative essays, narrative eyewitness reports, and internet and satirical articles. This course also builds on the study skills taught in Writing & Grammar 9.

Writing & Grammar 10 Teacher Edition

Enables teachers to nurture student application of grammar skills and writing strategies for effective communication grounded in a biblical worldview. The teacher edition offers numerous resources for this mission including mentor texts, biblical worldview discussions, grammar and writing skill applications, genre writing, student presentation and collaboration, and more.

Writing & Grammar 10 Assessments

Contains 7 unit tests, a final exam, and preassessments and concept reinforcements.

Writing & Grammar 10 Assessments Answer Key

Provides the answers to student assessments.

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