Scope and Sequence of Secondary Bible

The Story of the Old Testament

Bible Content

Takes students on a journey through the story of the Old Testament, including both the Major and Minor Prophets; Special Studies: the narrative sections of the Old Testament are complemented by excurses that cover the “writings” sections (Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon) of the Old Testament; Points students to Jesus Christ who will fulfill all of the promises of redemptive history prophesied in the Old Testament

Scripture Reading, Prayer Journal, and Memory Verses

Every section includes a Scripture reading (correlating with exercises in the Student Activities Manual that will help students observe the text); Every section includes Scripture memory (brief explanations about the significance of each memory verse is included in the Student Activities Manual); The Student Activities Manual includes a prayer journal in order to help students pray specifically and scripturally

Worldview Shaping

Supports biblical worldview thinking by laying the foundational ingredient for a biblical worldview: the big story of Creation-Fall-Redemption

Academic Rigor and Skills

Asks critical thinking questions about Bible and textbook readings; Introduces Bible study skills: observe, interpret, apply; Each Unit now concludes with a Unit Review scaffolded according to Bloom’s taxonomy of learning levels

Number of Lessons

Divided for consistency: 8 units with 8 sections in each unit (9 in the last unit—functioning as a conclusion that points to the NT)

The Life of Christ

A study of the words and works of Christ in the Gospels (particularly the book of Matthew) as they relate to the Messianic fulfillment of the one true big story of God's redemptive plan and the coming of the kingdom; focuses on the Bible study skill of interpretation and the applicational emphasis of Christlikeness or sanctification

The Acts and Epistles

Coming 2020!

Demonstrates how the epistles connect beliefs and values to the big story of scripture.

Bible Doctrines

In development

Introduces students to systematic teaching of biblical beliefs and values.

Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption


Explains what a worldview is; Explores the role of presuppositions; Presents a positive case for a biblical worldview; Defends the Christian faith against major opponents, especially postmodernism and scientism; Relates the story of Scripture—Creation, Fall, Redemption—to major academic disciplines and cultural domains


Tells the story of Scripture in detail, applying it to worldview issues; Examines gender, marriage, and family from the perspective of a biblical worldview; Examines the creational structures of government, science, and history, then explores the ways in which the fall has affected these fields and the ways in which they can be pushed back in redemptive directions; Analyzes the truth, goodness, and beauty triad in culture and the arts, providing examples of fallen culture and art and culminating in a call for students to become sub-creators imaging the ultimate Creator

Memory Verses

One memory passage for each of the 27 chapters

Number of Lessons

80 sections in 9 units

Ethics and World Religion

In development

Prepares students to challenge unbiblical worldviews and navigate ethical dilemmas.

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