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Scope and Sequence of Secondary Bible

The Story of the Old Testament

  • Takes students on a journey through the story of the Old Testament, including both the Major and Minor Prophets
  • Special studies: the narrative sections of the Old Testament are complemented by features that cover the “writings” sections of the Old Testament
  • Points students to Jesus Christ, who will fulfill all of the promises of redemptive history prophesied in the Old Testament
  • Focuses on the Bible study skill of observation

The Life of Christ

  • A study of the words and works of Christ in the Gospels (particularly the book of Matthew) as they relate to the Messianic fulfillment of the one true big story of God’s redemptive plan and the coming of the kingdom
  • Focuses on the Bible study skill of interpretation and the applicational emphasis of Christlikeness or sanctification

The Triumph of Christ

  • A study of the one big story of Scripture (Creation, Fall, Redemption) from Acts to Revelation and the instruction for the church on how to live out the beliefs and values that are derived from that one true big story
  • Focuses on the Bible study skill of application and reinforces the proper model of sanctification for maintaining a holy walk

Bible Doctrines for a Biblical Worldview

In development

Introduces students to systematic teaching of biblical beliefs and values.

Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption

  • A positive presentation of the biblical worldview (the big story, beliefs and values, cultural action) with a critical examination of secularism
  • Analyzes and evaluates approaches to cultural action so that Christians will live faithfully in light of redemption as both salt and light in every area of life

Ethics and World Religion

In development

Prepares students to challenge unbiblical worldviews and navigate ethical dilemmas.

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