Pre-Algebra Third Edition

the Pre-Algebra textbooks
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Prepare Strong Foundations

Give your students a strong foundation for success in Algebra while also connecting their studies to real-world applications and helping students understand the implications of math study for biblical worldview shaping. Pre-Algebra (3rd edition) equips students to progress from foundational to more advanced mathematical skills and strategies with expanded opportunities for abstract reasoning and real-world problem-solving involving the number system, expressions and equations, functions, geometry, and statistics and probability within the context of a biblical worldview.

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How We Teach Pre-Algebra

STEM Projects

Activities include four STEM projects that give students opportunities for hands-on problem-solving practice.

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Emphasis on Understanding

Teaching instruction, directions, and activities emphasize helping students to develop an understanding of why mathematical principles work and provide logical explanations of why they are consistent.

Differentiated Assignments

The teacher edition includes notes and recommendations for assignments with A, B, and C levels of difficulty.

Worldview Shaping

Teachers will find biblical worldview shaping themes, activities, goals, and objectives clearly labeled throughout the teacher-edition margins and in lesson plan overviews. Chapter openers include a spread for helping students to develop a biblical perspective of math learning and application.

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Student Edition (eTextbook Available

The student edition guides students to concepts that will effectively prepare them for studies in Algebra. Students will find Skill Checks that provide formative assessments and many carefully sequenced exercises grouped by A, B, and C levels of difficulty that facilitate differentiated assignments. In the student edition, students will find highlighted essential questions and key mathematical practices.

Student Activities (eWorktext Available)

The student activities provide additional activities that supplement the student edition. They also give four STEM projects that teachers can assign as group work over an extended period. Math and Scripture and Creation Wonders pages are available in the student activities for additional help in developing a biblical worldview.

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides a lesson plan overview, a list of digital and printed resources, suggested teaching strategies, and step-by-step solutions. Reduced student pages contain answers and numbered notes that connect the student and teacher editions. One-on-One and Common Student Error notes provide timely insights, and specific internet keyword searches provide quick access to interactive activities and other resources. The teacher edition also provides additional example problems for guided practice or formative assessments.

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