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Engage with History

American Republic unfolds the history of the United States through richly detailed narrative and a colorful, engaging presentation. This course has been designed to prepare students to become discerning citizens who can think critically about the events of history and learn from the successes and failures of the past to make wise decisions for today. To do this, students will survey the major events that have shaped American history, paying special attention to cultural shifts and influences. In each step of this journey, they will interact and engage with details of events so they can understand the context and the relationship it has to history. Starting with the discovery of the New World, the text traces the path of American history up to the present day. In addition to a historical account, American Republic demonstrates the distinctiveness of American values and government, and emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating United States history. Get your students motivated to learn about their history and the history of the United States.

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How We Teach It

a sample page showing a unit opener a sample page showing details about presidents

Engaging Design

Students will encounter information in manageable sections, with a new design that interspaces text-based info-boxes with pictures, graphs, and charts that call out tangible and visual elements of history and culture.

Balanced Presentations

Students will explore both sides of controversial issues from American history so they can apply a Biblical worldview to evaluate and understand these topics. Callouts, activities, and info-boxes will help students apply lessons from the past to current and culturally relevant controversies.

Engagement with Primary and Secondary Sources

In the activities, students will meet historical figures as they navigate both political and cultural trends. Historical documents, letters, newspaper articles, and other primary and secondary sources help them understand how events affected the culture in America.

Interactive Learning Opportunities

Teachers can draw from activities and options that help students to read, process, and use information. Students will find interactive maps, charts, and visual timelines in the activities, and teachers will find options for collaborative activities in the teacher edition.

a sample page showing an activity about the War of 1812


Student Edition

The student edition provides an overview of the founding, development, and growth of the United States as a nation. The journey begins with Native American cultures and the first contacts with European travelers and ends with the inauguration of President Biden. Along the way, students will practice and apply map reading skills, observe and discuss cultural developments, and use a variety of social studies skills to become student historians. Engaging with American history thoughtfully will enable students to use the events of the past to make wise decisions for the future.

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Teacher Edition

The teacher edition provides resources and suggestions for guiding students through American history. Teachers can use the lesson plans and teaching strategies to create a customized learning experience for students. They will find a variety of suggested activities for developing skills, engaging students, and enriching material. Also included are topics for discussions, ideas for collaborative activities, and links to additional resources.


Teachers and students will find curated, engaging, and interactive activities that align with and enhance lessons in the student edition. Students will find primary and secondary source activities, activities requiring them to analyze and use statistics, timelines showing the relationships between events, and much more.

Activities answer key, assessments, and assessments answer key are also available.

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