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See History Through Scripture

Empower your students to explore history from a biblical vantage point. World Studies (5th edition) will equip students to analyze and evaluate critical world events from a biblical worldview. Students will strengthen their knowledge of social studies by analyzing maps, timelines, and current events. Further activities such as web-based learning, case studies, and research projects will help students build 21st century skills. This course enables students to practice applying a biblical worldview as they propose solutions to real-world problems.

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How We Teach World Studies

a sample page about the Mongol Empire a sample page about early scientific discoveries

Asking Essential Questions

The student edition asks students questions to help them recall content and think critically. These questions activate prior knowledge, motivate them to learn more, and guide them through discovering new academic content. Students will also be able to evaluate controversial events using Scripture and propose alternative courses of action that are biblically based.

Digging Deeper

This course includes multiple features to enhance learning. Extra reading questions, section reviews, and activity questions all serve to deepen student comprehension. Not only will students learn key historical events but they will also learn the connections between events so they can biblically evaluate pivotal historical decisions.

Teaching Strategically

World Studies implements an intentional teaching cycle to optimize the delivery of lesson content. Teachers will build on prior student knowledge and promote student engagement and collaborative learning. Students can then be instructed in the lesson content by using graphic organizers, discussion prompts, and various technological resources. Teachers can guide students in applying the lesson content and can assess student understanding using periodic written projects.


Student Edition (eTextbook Available)

The student edition offers stories, case studies, and biographies for an in-depth look at the details that make history interesting and memorable. Action-based photos, original artwork, infographics, and other visuals have been added to further captivate and engage students. The student edition also features reading check questions to assess comprehension. Designated section reviews focus on critical thinking and worldview dilemmas.

Student Activities (eActivities Available)

The student activities helps students to dive deeper into their learning, giving them opportunities to reflect on what they’ve learned and engage with it on another level. Review activities may be used as preassessments to prepare students for assessments

Teacher Edition

The teacher edition features a teaching cycle of engage, instruct, apply, and assess. Graphic organizers, discussion prompts, and recommended videos serve as reinforcements for student learning. Additional resources are included for guiding biblical worldview discussions and nurturing critical-thinking skills.

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Florence, Italy during the Renaissance

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