Perspectives in Literature Third Edition

the Perspectives in Literature textbooks

Broaden Perspectives

Guide students toward lifelong reading success by leading them through literary works that will broaden their understanding of the world. This comprehension-based program introduces students to new and relevant selections from a variety of authors, genres, and backgrounds. Students will learn how to use reading strategies so they can get the most out of their reading. As they practice reading, analyzing, and evaluating literary works, students will learn to apply principles to their own communication; this will enable them to respond to the literature they read from a biblical worldview.

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How We Teach Perspectives in Literature

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Reading Process

Students and teachers will find suggested reading strategies incorporated into each selection. Before Reading sections give students the necessary background information and literary terms for comprehension. During Reading questions encourage students to focus on key details. After Reading questions encourage them to evaluate and respond to selections using critical-thinking skills.

Engaging Approach

Middle school students will explore grade-level-appropriate selections with engaging illustrations and photos designed to draw them in to each reading and give opportunities for visual analysis and interpretation.

Cultural Diversity

Authors, illustrators, and selections represent a variety of backgrounds.

Differentiated Instruction

Educators will find options for guiding students of different ability levels. The teacher edition includes suggestions for ELLs, struggling readers, and advanced readers. The novel studies provide high, medium, and low reading options for sixth-grade readers.


Student Edition

The student edition provides students with grade-level-appropriate selections from a variety of genres and cultural backgrounds. The Reading Process guides students through each selection with reading strategies and literary skills in Before Reading, During Reading, and After Reading sections.

Teacher Edition

The three-volume teacher edition provides a lesson pathway for guiding students toward success in reading comprehension and development of a biblical worldview. It includes a variety of teaching strategies, discussion questions, optional projects, and suggestions to encourage student engagement, enrichment, and retention. At the end of each unit, Think Again activities take students through the writing process to develop a composition that relates selections to the key biblical worldview theme.

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The student activities provide independent practice and reinforcement of the skills taught in the lessons. They also provide composition and informal assessment opportunities.

Activities answer key, assessments, and assessments answer key are also available.

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