Check out a page from the Physical Science Student Text

a page from the Physical Science Student Text

The Materials for Physical Science

a diagram of light bending as it passes through an aquarium

Physical Science Student Edition

The student edition is divided into four units—two for chemistry and two for physics. The chemistry units move the student from matter and what it is made of to how matter interacts in chemical reactions, nuclear changes, solutions, and acids and bases. In the physics units, students learn about how matter and energy move and why they move; they study the many forms of energy and how energy moves throughout the world. All this is a quest to understand the world that God created. Clear, scientifically accurate images help them picture the structures they study. Case studies, worldview sleuthing activities, mini-labs, ethics boxes, and questions help students think like scientists and view physical science from a biblical perspective.

Physical Science Teacher Edition

The teacher edition presents research-based teaching strategies, including active learning, inquiry activities, group discussions, and formative assessments, all of which are aligned with educational objectives. The strategies focus on explaining concepts to students by moving from concrete to abstract and by linking scientific concepts and processes with prior learning. Strategies consider the affective domain as well as the cognitive. The teacher edition features a teaching guide for each section, icon-coded items such as weblinks and demonstrations, complete answers to review questions, and background information to enhance classroom instruction. The teacher edition also includes a full-year lesson plan overview.

Physical Science Student Lab Manual

The lab manual gets students exploring God’s world through a variety of lab activities. The lab manual helps students solidify their understanding by connecting the content with real world problems. Students develop critical science, engineering, and problem solving skills through observing, recording, and analyzing samples and data to make models. They then test those models to understand their workability. Students will have opportunities to complete both STEM lab activities and inquiry-based labs.

three people in scrubs holding up a model of a molecule

Physical Science Teacher Lab Manual

The teacher edition for the student lab manual includes teacher notes for all lab activities as well as the answers. It also offers detailed guides for each inquiry lab and STEM activity. The guides give sample procedures that the students can use for the inquiry labs, and they give instructions for any resources the teacher will need to provide for the STEM activities.

Physical Science Assessments

This packet includes a formative assessment for each section and 22 summative assessments to measure students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts. All questions are aligned with educational objectives.

Physical Science Assessments Answer Key

Answers to printed quizzes and tests help the teacher to assess their students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts. Answers keys include page references for the teacher.

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