Check out a page from the Physical Science Student Text

a page from the Physical Science Student Text

The Materials for Physical Science

Physical Science Student Text

Starting with classical mechanics, this text builds and transitions to chemistry topics while showing relevancy to a Christian worldview of science.

Physical Science Teacher's Edition with CD

This book provides teachers with resources, background information, suggestions, and answers to review questions to help them teach an effective integrated physics and chemistry course from a Christian perspective.

Physical Science Student Lab Manual

This manual includes 42 hands-on labs to reinforce key concepts, enhance learning, and encourage higher-level thinking. It is also printed with helpful diagrams and pictures to aid lab completion.

Physical Science Teacher's Edition Lab Manual

Arranged similarly to the student textbook TE, this manual provides equipment lists, instructions, and helpful margin entries for successful lab completion.

Physical Science Tests

Provides a test for each chapter that uses a variety of question formats to assess the student's knowledge and understanding.

Physical Science Tests Answer Key

Includes a reproduction of student tests with overprinted answers along with page references for those answers.

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