Check out a page from the Math 6 Student Text

a page from the Math 6 Student Text

The Materials for Math 6

Math 6 Student Edition

Provides practice and direct application for all math concepts students will learn. Students will use what they have learned in lessons from the Math 6 teacher’s edition to think critically about how to use math and how to reason with math. Students will find STEM lessons that follow the engineering design process as well as a variety of engaging illustrations and pictures that help them better understand how to use math to solve real-world problems.

Archimedes measuring the circumference of a globe

Math 6 Teacher Edition

Equips educators with 6th grade math lesson plans, teaching strategies, and a variety of other resources for providing a successful learning environment for students. Lessons are organized clearly and logically to support the educator in teaching students math concepts and to guide them in developing a biblical worldview of math.

Math 6 Assessments

Provides 6th grade math questions in tests and quizzes for use as summative assessments for the 6th grade math course.

Math 6 Assessments Answer Key

Provides overprint answers and selected step-by-step solutions to the math problems from student tests and quizzes.

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