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Materials for Geometry

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Geometry Student Text

Contains lessons that thoroughly develop key concepts, provide detailed examples to promote student comprehension, and integrate practical applications. Expanded exercise sets are graded by three levels of difficulty to allow for differentiated assignments.

Geometry Teacher's Edition with CD

Contains additional exercises, common student errors, math-journaling suggestions, and one-on-one suggestions. Suggested assignments for Minimum, Standard, and Extended tracks enable customization of lessons for individual differences. The included Teacher’s Toolkit CD contains reproducible activities with answer keys, projection-ready answers for exercise sets, a “Mathardy” review game, and more.

Geometry Tests

Includes quizzes covering several sections, chapter tests, and quarterly exams that are carefully coordinated with lesson objectives.

Geometry Tests Answer Key

Contains answers and step-by-step solutions for quizzes, tests, and quarterly exams.

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