The Materials for Elementary Heritage Studies

Below are the standard Heritage Studies materials provided for each elementary grade. Some grades may include additional pieces.

A - Student Text, B - Teacher Edition, C - Activities, D - Assessments A

Student Text
Using well-researched content combined with colorful photos, illustrations, and graphics, each student edition integrates Bible, citizenship, culture, economics, geography, government, and history to give students the foundation in social studies.


Teacher Edition
The teacher edition for each grade contains full-color, reduced-size student pages plus extras, such as discussion ideas, background information, hands-on activities, review games, and songs as mnemonic devices that make learning memorable. Some lessons provide opportunities for collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking, and technology literacy.


This companion to the student edition provides a variety of pages that reinforce the students’ understanding of key concepts and reviews what has been learned. Activities include map skills, study skills, timelines, graphic organizers, charts, writing in the content area, and biblical integration. An answer key is available as a separate book.


Each assessment packet contains one test per chapter or unit, covering the most important concepts taught in the lessons. These tests can be adjusted in accordance with teaching emphasis and direction. Tests will include using graphic organizers, models, maps, and primary sources. Students will also be expected to identify documents, symbols, events, and people. The tests should be used in conjunction with your individual assessment of a student’s understanding and application. The assessments answer key is available for separate purchase.

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