Check out a page from the Heritage Studies 5 Student Text

a page from the Heritage Studies 5 Student Text

The Materials for Heritage Studies 5

Heritage Studies 5 Student Text

A comprehensive, chronological survey of America’s entire known history. Chapters are pedagogically stimulating with art, maps, timelines, graphs, photos, and quick check questions. Most chapters have an extended activity, a brief narrative called “How It Was,” and biographies to enhance learning. The chapters emphasize themes in U.S. history and are written to prompt biblical evaluation of historical events.

Heritage Studies 5 Teacher's Edition with CD

Explains vocabulary and identifies ways to encourage discussion. Cross-curricular links, primary sources, background information, and extra activities are also present. The included CD contains worksheets, interactive visuals, maps, and rubrics.

Heritage Studies 5 Activity Manual

Uses full-color pages to reinforce and enrich lessons. The manual contains graphic organizers, reinforcement pages, expansion pages, primary source documents, map skills, biblical evaluation of historical events, study guides, and chapter reviews.

a family of Native Americans looking out over a valley

Heritage Studies 5 Activity Manual Answer Key

Provides overprinted answers of Heritage Studies 5 Student Activity Manual for convenient grading and evaluating student progress.

Heritage Studies 5 Tests

Provides age-appropriate tests for each chapter, covering the most important concepts taught in the lessons.

Heritage Studies 5 Tests Answer Key

Includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading.

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