Check out a page from the Heritage Studies 4 Student Text

a page from the Heritage Studies 4 Student Text

The Materials for Heritage Studies 4

Abraham Lincoln giving a speech

Heritage Studies 4 Student Text

An age-appropriate presentation of social studies that integrates civics, culture, economics, geography, and history. Covers American history from early settlers to World War II.

Heritage Studies 4 Teacher's Edition

Includes 180 lessons and provides lesson objectives, background information, ideas for extra activities, visuals, and more to aid teachers in preparing engaging lessons.

Heritage Studies 4 Student Activities Manual

Provides full color pages that reinforce and enrich the lessons in Heritage Studies 4. Activities include: graphic organizers, map skills, study guides, primary source material, reinforcement pages, and more.

Heritage Studies 4 Tests

Assesses student knowledge of concepts covered in Heritage Studies 4 by providing 1 age-appropriate test per chapter.

Heritage Studies 4 Tests Answer Key

Includes tests with overprinted answers for convenient grading.

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