Check out a page from the Economics Student Text

a page from the Economics Student Text

The Materials for Economics

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Economics Student Text

The Student Text introduces and explores key principles of economics from household purchases to the stock market. Each chapter includes personal finance sections that explain important economic principles and provide practical information about budgeting, banking, debt, credit and interest. Students will also learn about issues related to national economic systems and policies.

Economics Teacher's Edition with CD

The Teacher's Edition covers the financial concerns of many different socio-economic levels, including the government, businesses, and personal finances, with Scriptural principles applied to all areas. The text demonstrates the laws of supply and demand, plus the circular flow of income and products. It depicts the use of money, banking, and government intervention and promotes free market ideals. It explains business competitions, unemployment, productivity, and inflation.

a parrot yakking - 'Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.'

Economics Student Activity Manual

This manual contains a variety of activities for the student to reinforce material learned in the textbook and in class discussion.

Economics Activity Manual Answer Key

This manual contains a copy of the student pages with answers to the activities in the student manual.

Economics Tests

Test materials take into consideration the objectives in the Teacher’s Edition and exercises from the Student Text. Tests for this course include one test for each chapter.

Economics Tests Answer Key

These answer keys contain a copy of the student tests with printed answers for each question.

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