Check out a page from the Bible Truths 3 Student Text

a page from the Bible Truths 3 Student Text

The Materials for Bible Truths 3

Bible Truths 3 Student Worktext

This is designed to introduce elementary students to higher thinking skills and encourage Christlikeness through the practical application of the Bible. As they progress thematically through the Old and New Testaments, elementary students will enjoy the colorful illustrations, straightforward lessons, and learning projects that will help them grow in their knowledge of God and His Word. Each Bible lesson reinforces student comprehension with learning activities that improve reading comprehension and strengthen study skills.

Bible Truths 3 Teacher's Edition with CD

This is designed to help teachers challenge students’ higher thinking skills and establish good character through Christian training. It is also designed to help students develop a Christian worldview through the practical application of Bible lessons. The Teacher’s Edition includes scripturally supported overviews of key biblical doctrines , 144 detailed lesson plans, suggested activities to assist in the memory, understanding, and application of memory verses and hymns, enhanced discussion questions, and a “Leading a Child to Christ” section to assist the teacher in talking with students about salvation. The included CD consists of activity pages, unit reviews, mid-unit reviews, Bible Truths for Christian Growth, all hymns and songs, bulletin board ideas, and an electronic copy of the Student Materials Packet and Teacher’s Visual Packet.

Bible Truths 3 Tests

Includes suggestions for grading the tests as well as assigning grades to the subject of Bible. There is a test for each unit, which includes matching, multiple choice, and true/false items.

Bible Truths 3 Tests Answer Key

Includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading.

Bible Truths 3 Teacher's Visual Packet

These large (12” X 18”) InfoScenes provide illustrated biblical scenes and background information. Helpful maps of lands mentioned in the Bible enable students to put events in perspective. The TimeLine of biblical events and people help students understand the chronology of God’s work.

Bible Truths 3 Music CD

Records the ten unit hymns. These hymns are accompanied by music and sung by children.


Mona Dunckel’s Escape is Christian fiction presented in simple chapter format for young readers. One day Charlie finds an unusual bead in the marketplace and adds it to his treasure box. His parents said the rebels are coming to Ethiopia. Missionaries are in danger. Even though Biru says the bead isn’t good for much, Charlie takes it along when his family flees from rebel soldiers. All through the danger-filled hours of waiting, he keeps it with him, He doesn’t know what his favorite treasure could be worth. That is—if he will give it up. Escape is used as a companion novel with Bible Truths 3.

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