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Biblical Worldview Student Text

Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption Student Text was created to appeal to student interest and develop understanding. Application examples taken from history and recent events resonate with students, motivating them to apply Scripture to issues that are crucial to their spiritual growth. Apologetics is interwoven throughout the textbook, equipping students to defend the foundational teachings of the Bible against competing worldviews. At the same time, the framework of Creation, Fall, Redemption enables students to make distinctively Christian contributions to their culture.

Biblical Worldview Teacher's Edition

Supports teachers with prompts for in-class discussion and objectives that help identify main points for sections and chapters. The Lesson Plan Overview Chart helps teachers plan ahead with an estimated number of days to spend on the material. Instructions for guided debates, group activities, writing assignments, and current events research are also included.

viewing the world through the Scripture

Biblical Worldview Tests

Contains tests to evaluate student progress.

Biblical Worldview Tests Answer Key

Includes test versions with overprinted answers for convenient grading.

Biblical Worldview Student Activity Manual

Offers additional opportunities for students to put their biblical worldview into practice through analysis of Bible readings and contemporary news articles.

Biblical Worldview Student Activity Manual Answer Key

Provides answers and responses for all review activities and application questions.

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