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Logos Science Lab Kit for Chemistry (4th ed.)

Logos Science Lab Kit for Chemistry (4th ed.)

Logos is unable to complete lab kits at this time, as necessary components are not available during the pandemic. Lab kits will be made purchasable again once resources become available.

Used in conjunction with the BJU Press Chemistry Lab Manual, The Logos Science Chemistry Addendum and Lab Kit contains information, equipment, and supplies your student needs to fully experience the reactive world of chemistry. Logos has adapted the Chemistry Addendum and Laboratory Kit with the BJU Press Chemistry Lab Manual to: 1) eliminate the need for high cost equipment, 2) minimize the quantities and strengths of chemicals used*, 3) maximize safety for non-laboratory settings, 4) maximize the advantages of non-traditional learning environments (e.g. home school and small class settings), and to 5) encourage each student’s reverence for our Creator through witnessing the reactions and interactions between chemical components of His marvelous works (See Psalm 19).

*The Chemistry kit contains no concentrated acids or bases and the use of low quantities (about 1/100th of the chemicals a typical lab would consume) to ensure the safety of the student and of the environment, helping us be good stewards of God’s creation.

Logos Science Kits only ship within the lower 48 United States

  • Copyright Year - 2015
  • Edition - 4th ed.
  • Publisher - Logos Science Lab Kits

Logos Science Lab Kit for Chemistry (4th ed.)

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