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Flame in the Wind [DVD]

Flame in the Wind [DVD]
Flame in the Wind is set in the splendor and terror of the Spanish Inquisition and is a gripping drama of heroic Christian faith. Carlos, an earnest young nobleman, faces a choice: the church system offers safety, protection, and respectability; but the Scriptures offer Christ and salvation from sin and with these, torture and death. This film vividly portrays the conflict between following the Bible and following religious tradition. A resource for Heritage Studies and church history. Suitable for upper elementary, teens, and adults. Includes DVD bonus features and a Spanish soundtrack.
  • ISBN - 978-1-59166-224-2
  • Copyright Year - 2003
  • Format - DVD
  • Length - 120 min.
  • Publisher - Unusual Films

Flame in the Wind [DVD]


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