Songs of My Savior (vocal solos, medium voice, spiral)

Songs of My Savior (vocal solos, medium voice, spiral)
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This unique collection conains solos and hymns by Bob Jones Sr., Bob Jones Jr., and Bob Jones III. Features a photographic look at Bob Jones University, past and present, along with eleven hymns and eighteen vocal solos, ten of which are original works by composers such as Dwight Gustafson, Mac Lynch, and Joan J. Pinkston. Also available as Songs of My Savior.

1. Bob Jones University Hymn
2. Sing Me an Old Song
3. Father of Light
4. Turn and Look on Calvary
5. Praise Ye the Lord
6. The Stream of Time
7. Easter's Dawning Light
8. Turn from Sorrow
9. Happy the People
10. Praise Ye Jehovah
11. Prayer at Eventide

12. Seize the Moment
13. While There's Time
14. Turning to the Savior
15. Strong in Salvation
16. Christ My Refuge
17. Our Sacred Hour
18. Crimson Drops Outflowing
19. The Coming of the Son
20. My Savior Walks Beside Me
21. Scarred
22. My Song
23. The Only Key
24. While He Is Near
25. New Life
26. Acclamation
27. My Beloved
28. All Is Thine
29. Dark Was the Noonday

  • Author - SoundForth
  • Copyright Year - 1996
  • Format - spiral
  • Publisher - SoundForth

Songs of My Savior (vocal solos, medium voice, spiral)

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