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Writing & Grammar 7

Writing and Grammar 7 guides students toward formulating a biblical worldview of communication through writing by focusing on four themes: truth, beauty, virtue, and balance. This course encourages students to become creators as they learn how to apply grammar skills to their writing. Grammar chapters offer systematic teaching of grammar concepts, and writing chapters teach students narrative, informative, and argumentative writing. Students will learn how to analyze sample texts to see how grammar and punctuation rules affect communication.

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    How We Teach Writing & Grammar 7

    Writing Process

    The student worktext and teacher edition emphasize the five steps of the writing process in writing units and workshops.

    Mentor Texts

    Teachers can introduce mentor texts so students can analyze grammar functions and apply them to improve their own writing.

    Grammar Application

    Writing Workshops and grammar mini-lessons give students opportunities to directly apply grammar concepts to their writing.

    Worldview Reflection

    Reflection activities encourage students to apply biblical worldview shaping themes to their writing and to how they think about communication.

    Art and Illustrations

    Colorful, creative art and illustrations engage students with each lesson.

    Writing & Grammar 7 Educational Materials

    Student Worktext

    In the student worktext, students will learn to analyze sentences grammatically and use those skills to communicate effectively. Writing Workshops and Writer’s Tips help students to apply skills to their writing to be better communicators.

    Teacher Edition

    The teacher edition includes a variety of resources for engaging students and differentiating instruction. It will include suggestions for game ideas, rubrics and instructional aids, teaching notes and guides, and biblical worldview shaping notes that highlight truth, beauty, virtue, and balance.