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Biology textbook and Teacher Edition covers


Examining Living Structures

Help your students explore the wonders of the living world. The Biology course endeavors to equip students to ethically engage in biological inquiry and to recognize life’s design, homeostasis, and conservation from a biblical worldview. Students will be able to discuss the process of homeostasis to biological structures at multiple levels, analyze living organisms, evaluate current and historical biological models, and apply a biblical framework to ethical issues in the realm of biology.

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    • Dissection Set

      Dissection Set


      Contains everything needed for an individual or a small group to begin lab work and is completely compatible with the BJU Press Life Science (3rd edition) and Biology (3rd edition) programs. Includes an earthworm, a crayfish, a perch, and a grass frog preserved in an odorless and nontoxic form and vacuum-packed moist in a plastic bag. Once the bag is opened, the specimens can be stored safely and indefinitely in sealed plastic bags without additional preservative.

    • Specimen Replacements for Dissection Kit

      Specimen Replacements for Dissection Kit


      The specimen replacement kit includes an earthworm, crayfish, a perch, and a grass frog preserved in an odorless and nontoxic form and vacuum-packed moist in a plastic bag. Once opened, the specimens can be stored safely and indefinitely in sealed plastic bags without preservatives.

    • Biology Dissection Labs [DVD]

      Biology Dissection Labs [DVD]


      Step-by-step instructions clearly demonstrate the dissecting of four specimens: a crayfish, a perch, an earthworm, and a frog.

    How We Teach Biology

    Intriguing Introductions

    Each lesson begins with selected activities focusing on prior knowledge. Students will review content from previous lessons through videos on Teacher Tools Online, demonstrations, and one-on-one discussions with other classmates. These lesson introductions are intended to help students integrate new lesson content with what they already know.

    Multifaceted Instruction

    The Biology course lessons are designed with multiple forms of instruction. Content is presented via direct instruction, further fleshed out in class discussions, and reviewed collaboratively with classmates. Additional videos and demonstrations also serve to present new material from multiple angles to maximize student comprehension.

    Real-World Applications

    Numerous realistic scenarios will help students connect biological systems and processes with everyday events. Worldview investigations and ethics discussions will also help students see how a biblical worldview affects scientific evidence and determines which methods or procedures are appropriate. Ethics boxes in the student edition also explain complex, controversial issues in biology from a biblical perspective. Students will be encouraged to evaluate both biblical and secular worldviews on a particular topic so that they can understand the arguments on both sides of an issue.

    Consistent Assessment

    This course features numerous opportunities for evaluating student comprehension and skill. Section reviews and chapter reviews offer frequent opportunities for examining lesson content. Formative assessment questions in the teacher edition enable teachers to measure student comprehension. Lab activities and ethics boxes also help measure student skill level and application of biblical principles.

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    Biology Educational Materials

    Student Edition

    The student edition presents the course content in an organized and intentional manner. Each chapter features multiple 10–15-minute mini lab activities along with section and chapter reviews. Ethics boxes enable students to examine issues from biblical and secular models, and worldview investigations also help incorporate worldview issues with biology content. Chapter summaries are included with review questions scaffolded according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

    Teacher Edition

    The teacher edition empowers teachers to deliver the Biology course content in impactful ways. Each chapter begins with designated objectives for both the lesson content and the lab activities. Differentiated Instruction notes enable teachers to skillfully present lesson content to students with different learning styles. Scoring rubrics are included for both the ethics boxes and the worldview investigation webquests, and a list of mini lab activities is also included. Formative assessments are included so teachers can assess students’ comprehension while working through each chapter’s content.

    Lab Manual

    The student lab manual contains a variety of lab activities for teachers to choose from. Inquiry and STEM lab activities may serve as guiding activities throughout a chapter or summative assessments at the conclusion of a chapter.

    The teacher lab manual provides guides and answers for the inquiry and STEM labs in the student lab manual.